How far can you get in a week?

How far will your Canal Experience holiday take you?

If you are new to boating, in a 7 day hire period you would be able to cruise from our base at Burghfield probably to Great Bedwyn and back. This route is almost entirely rural and climbs up almost to the summit of the canal.The scenery varies from the water meadows of the River Kennet then climbs up to the more open chalk downland scenery as the summit is approached. The canal passes through the small country towns and villages of Newbury, Hungerford and Great Bedwyn. The historic Crofton pumping station is located upstream of Great Bedwyn – this is the oldest (1812) working steam-driven beam engine in the world still doing its original job in the original location (operational on certain weekends only but open to visitors every day).  The majority of the cruise in a designated area of outstanding natural beauty.

 Caen Hill Flight, Devizes

Caen Hill Flight, Devizes

Caen Hill Flight, Devizes

Start from our Newbury base and you can comfortably get to Devizes and the Caen Hill Flight – one of the natural wonders of the boating world with a flight of 16 locks, believed by many to be the most impressive site on the UK’s waterways.  The Caen Hill flight forms one section of the longer 29-lock Devizes flight, a great experience for any boater.  The Caen Hill Flight is  designated as a Scheduled Ancient Monument – Stonehenge has the same level of protection, giving some idea of the cultural and historical significance placed on this great example of engineering from the industrial revolution. The man behind the flight was engineer John Rennie.  It was the last part of the 87 mile route of the Kennet and Avon Canal built in 1810 to be completed, ingeniously accommodating a significant change in height of the land at Caen Hill using a system of large side ponds to feed back water into each lock after use.     

An imaginative and interactive journey back in time to the industrial revolution.  An adventure for any boater or family with children.



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