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The Maps are here to help you get a quick idea of where you can go and what you can do along your chosen routes.

Here is a summary of how you can interact with the maps:

  1. PANNING/ZOOM BUTTONS: Top left-hand corner displays the PANNING and ZOOM buttons:
    • PANNING CIRCLE: you can pan up down and left and right by just clicking on the arrows
    • ZOOM IN/OUT +/- PLUS/MINUS Button
      • Zoom IN click + to zoom in (see more detail)
      • Zoom OUT click – MINUS to zoom out( see less detail.)
  2. RED CIRCLES: these are clusters of points plotted on the route, to simplify and speed-up the loading of the map
    • The numbers on the circles equals the number of detailed points that each circle represents
    • If you click on a circle as a cluster of points the map view automatically zooms in and shows the broken out points as the current view.
    • If you want to get back to the previous position just reverse using the ZOOM OUT (Minus button.)
  3. MAP PINS: 
    • the individual map pins relate to an entry, when you hover over a pin the pin will be highlighted yellow and the title of the post is displayed on the map.
    • If you click on the pin/title then the info window will open and you can go to the full post/article by simply clicking on the title in the Info Window.
    • on the right of the Map is a vertical menu of the main places you can visit along the route.
    • If you click on one of those place names, then the web page changes within the guide to a map specific for that location, the menu is omnipresent and you can choose the next or alternative location or go back to the top level.
    • You can navigate via the map pins exactly as above.

It really is as easy as that, the Kennet and Avon Map is fully function, the Thames Route is complete in overview but we are currently building and updating the interactive versions of the Thames Maps. We will be updating the maps frequently with the latest updates, if you want to watch the updates you can subscribe free by email, or just bookmark the pages of interest.

So here are the pages you might like to visit:

  • Kennet and Avon Guide Maps If you want to take a look at our Kennet and Avon Guide you will find an interactive map plotting the route and a menu of the destinations you can visit along the way. A version of the map is included on this post so you can read the help and try the map at the same time then go to the full guide
  • Thames River Guide & Maps: the summary version of the guide is available now, the full detailed version is a work in progress.



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