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Thames Reading to Oxford Route
Setting out from our Reading Boat Base you can make your way towards Oxford and Lechlade it is a lovely route, which youc an immediately start to enjoy heading out from our Reading Boat base. 

This is known as the Upper Thames and along this route you can really enjoy a great mix of peace, beauty, wildlife and lovely landscape, heading towards the stunning architecture of Oxford. Oxford has been a seat of learning since about 1096, just 30 years  after the Normans had invaded Britain. You can enjoy all this with your Canal Boat as your floating hotel, the best of the countryside, stunning and unique architecture with world leading museums, galleries and a lively social life to suit all tastes along the way.

Onwards from Oxford to the highest navigable point and the source is Lechlade, you can enjoy all this in a round trip of about a week, got to be worth considering…

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Canal Experience Guide Reading Oxford Lechlade
More about the route to Oxford and Lechlade the source of the Thames
Our new look Guide and interactive maps as you can see on the Kennet and Avon Guide is a new step forward for us, designed to help you find out all you might want to know as to what you can enjoy a long your way. Our Thames Guide is a work in progress, the interactive maps will be activated shortly, thanks for taking a look at our preview…
Thames Reading to Oxford & Lechlade Route
Caversham Reading on Thames
Purley on Thames
Mapledurham via Thames
Lower Basildon
Streatley on the Thames
Goring upon Thames
Crowmarsh Gifford
Little Wittenham on the Thames
Clifton Hampden
Lower Radley & Radley
Sandford on Thames
Kennington and little London
Osney and Osney Lock

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Why not try the Kennet and Avon Canal?
Why not try a river trip by canal boat heading out from Reading to Oxford and Lechlade or upstream to the capital towards Windsor and London…Explore the Kennet and Avon Canal as an alternative…