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Booking and Pricing
Pricing options for Tipi Hire are set-out  here together with our simple Booking Form, alternatively if you would just like to request a quotation you can use Contact Us

Using our Tipis Booking Form, you will receive an email acknowledgement of your request to Book, the confirmed booking email will follow once we ahve checked and verified the details of your Booking.

Prior to booking just make sure you have read our terms and conditions for Tipi Hire

Booking Form - Tipi Hire

To book our Tipis, simply complete the form below. If you need any further assistance send us a quick email or give us a ring.
  • landline phone number required
  • Please fill in your full address including postcode.
    Prices are for a 3 night package - pitch Friday, strike Monday. (Prices in brackets are week prices.)
    Tick all required extras.
  • Select if you need extra nights, otherwise leave blank.
  • Please enter a value between 1 and 3.
  • Choose the one that matches best.
Tipi Booking and Pricing
Weekend Package Prices – 3 Nights Friday to Monday (plus travelling subject to location from our base, quoted in advance.)
  • 5.5m tipi: £295
  • 6.0m tipi: £325
Additional nights:
  • 5.5m tipi: £35 per additional night
  • 6.0m tipi: £45 per additional night
Additional optional items
  • Liner: £25
  • Coir Matting: £25
  • BBQ inc gas: £35
  • Log burner: £25
  • Tables and cushions £45
Extras by quotation:
  • Bedding, inflatable mattress and duvets 
  • Professional Light show
Week Package Price – 7 nights, plus optional extras and travelling
  • 5.5m tipi: £400 plus £25 per additional night
  • 6.0m tipi: £460 plus £35 per additional night